Waiting for you to arrive

Dear Ronin,

This past Saturday (your due date) came and went.

Even a 10 mile bike ride wouldn’t shake you loose. So as the days roll on, everyone is excited to guess when you might arrive. There is currently a betting pool on Facebook:

Ruth Anne McGovern:

Dear assorted relatives….. it is BABY pool time……As the due date(s) for Micro-Nag approach- it is time to venture a guess at the birth date for this little punkin……

What do you win, you ask…. ABSOLUTELY nothing, short of bragging rights…..


June 28th


June 23

Grandpa Mike:

June 26

Grammy RA:

I pick the 19th (Father’s day) and……………. add to the list if you dare……

Yvette Portello:

Yvette and Ysabella are going for the 27.

Ruth G. Sikes:

No one has June 24 – so I’ll take it.

Ron Baraff:

The 25th? Yes, that’s it, the 25th

Lisa Baraff:

I choose the 21st–summer solstice!

Liz McGovern:

Liz says the 20th and Justin July 4th (he must be dreaming)

Gabriel Nagmay (on June 20th):

Well, Ruth Anne is out … and it’s not looking too good for Liz’s
prediction. Come on Thurs, June 23rd!

Ron Baraff:

I am staying with the 25th. Can’t wait to win me that baby…

Lisa Baraff:

I have the 21st. Are you discounting that one,too? I don’t want no
discount babies.

Samantha Nagmay:

Well I say the 28th and I think I should know best ;)

Your Father,

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One Response to Waiting for you to arrive

  1. Georgi Heitman says:

    Dear little family that has just grown a tad bigger, Congratulations!!! How appropriate for a naked little baby to be born on Hike Naked Day! I’m so thrilled for all of you…your families must be wonderfully excited, especially after her ‘due’ day came and went. But changing her mind and being late for a date are both the prerogatives of young ladies.
    Hugs for both your families, love and hugs for mom, dad and baby Ronin.!
    Georgi (FireFly) H

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