Barrett Spur

Dear Ronin,

Your grandfather, Papa Mike,  invited the two of us on an overnight backpacking trip up Mt Hood. Sam was working, so it would just be the three of us (plus Indigo, Mike’s dog). Everyone else thought we were insane. This would be your first full night away from your mother and you have trouble sleeping as is. I prepared myself for a sleepless night and lots of crying.

We stared out near Lolo Pass and hiked up over Bald Mountain. The wild flowers and views were out in force. Rounding the north side of the Hood, we crossed through recently charrd forest and then climbed to the half-frozen Dollar Lake.

After setting up camp, we packed up again and climbed Barrett Spur. The wind grew steadily and you had to be bundled up in several layers. At the top, we huddled out of the wind for some dinner.

That night, a miracle happened. Maybe you were exhausted from the day. Maybe it was just just luck… Whatever the reason, you slept – for the very first time ever – all the way through the night!

On the way out the next morning, you decided that you had spotted a giraffe in the woods. Being a Friday we passed lots of inbound hikers. You proudly declared to each: “Giraffe. Giraffe. Look for it!”

Your father,

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