Three Sisters Wilderness – Day 6

Dear Ronin,

Yesterday was a long day followed by a longer night. You are still cutting you front teeth and hardly let us sleep a wink. In fact, you mother and I had very little sleep this entire trip.

With this in mind, we decided to head out a day early. Since we were parked at the same trailhead, the change didn’t effect your grandparent’s plans. They headed on to the Green Lakes for one more night.

Before splitting ways, we did take the opportunity to get a few really good family photos.

On the drive home, we were surprised by how far north the smoke was reaching. It turns out that the fire had tripled in size, burning more than 15,000 acres. One of our most favorite placed in Oregon is currently on fire. I am sure that we will be back to hike in the future, but one thing is sure – it won’t look the same the next time we visit…

Your father,

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