Waiting for you to arrive

Dear Ronin,

This past Saturday (your due date) came and went.

Even a 10 mile bike ride wouldn’t shake you loose. So as the days roll on, everyone is excited to guess when you might arrive. There is currently a betting pool on Facebook:

Ruth Anne McGovern:

Dear assorted relatives….. it is BABY pool time……As the due date(s) for Micro-Nag approach- it is time to venture a guess at the birth date for this little punkin……

What do you win, you ask…. ABSOLUTELY nothing, short of bragging rights…..


June 28th


June 23

Grandpa Mike:

June 26

Grammy RA:

I pick the 19th (Father’s day) and……………. add to the list if you dare……

Yvette Portello:

Yvette and Ysabella are going for the 27.

Ruth G. Sikes:

No one has June 24 – so I’ll take it.

Ron Baraff:

The 25th? Yes, that’s it, the 25th

Lisa Baraff:

I choose the 21st–summer solstice!

Liz McGovern:

Liz says the 20th and Justin July 4th (he must be dreaming)

Gabriel Nagmay (on June 20th):

Well, Ruth Anne is out … and it’s not looking too good for Liz’s
prediction. Come on Thurs, June 23rd!

Ron Baraff:

I am staying with the 25th. Can’t wait to win me that baby…

Lisa Baraff:

I have the 21st. Are you discounting that one,too? I don’t want no
discount babies.

Samantha Nagmay:

Well I say the 28th and I think I should know best ;)

Your Father,

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