Baby’s first letter

Dear Ronin,

Today you received your first letter in the mail.

True – it was just your Social Security card, but it was addressed to you. More importantly, it confirmed the correct way to spell your name. See, there has been some confusion. It can also be spelled “Ronan”, or “Ronon”.

You, however, are our little Ronin.

Your Father,

Below it is misspelled on the wall of baby names at Alma.

Addie Mae was the baby born upstairs less then an hour after you arrived. She was delivered by the same team of midwives. In fact, they had 3 births that day. It was one special solstice.

Now, many of the names are great… But, make sure to check out that second purple one from the top!

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2 Responses to Baby’s first letter

  1. Aunt Kiki says:

    I kind of like Tetris Audio…and Ocean James. Who are these Alma people?

    Love your baby blog!

    • Gabriel Nagmay says:

      “Who are these Alma people?”

      Obviously, the most awesome people in the world!

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