Rolling over

Dear Ronin,

Today you Rolled over for the first time from your belly to your back!  The day we brought you home from Alma you rolled over from your back onto your belly.  I was amazed and quite freaked out since I was told that babies can’t roll over for quite some time.  You only did it for a few weeks and then you got too big to do it any more.

You have been rolling up on your side from your back now for a few weeks but not actually rolling over to your belly.  I thought for sure that you would roll over this way first…you decided differently.

While doing tummy time outside in the back yard you decided to show off for Jamie.  He was over at our house helping us pick hops from our garden.  You lifted yourself up real high and I told Jamie to look and at that very moment you pushed off of one hand and poof, you were on your back.  You gave me the biggest smile… you were so proud of yourself.  I have to admit I was just a “little” proud of you as well!

I can’t wait to see what you do next…

Love Always,

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