Rolling over (Part 2)

Dear Ronin,

You did it again!  Roll over that is.  Although, if anyone asks me when you first rolled over, I will always say at three days old.  However, today was the day when I saw you roll from your back to your belly since about three weeks old.  It took you a while to get strong enough to do it again.

You actually rolled over three days ago, but I did not actually see you do it.  I walked into the other room to get something and when I came back you were on your belly.  I was not very happy.  I had missed it!  I had been watching you very intently for some time and the very second I turn my back you decided to roll.  I was actually glad you waited to show me because when you did it today both your dad and I were there to watch!  We both have been lucky enough to see all of your milestones.  I sure hope you keep that up.  We BOTH want to see EVERYTHING!

Love Always,

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