Happy New Year

Dear Ronin,

You celebrated your first New Year by staying up until 12:00 midnight like a big girl.  We went to Jamie and BK’s house for their New Years Eve party like always.  We expected you to fall asleep in my arms around your normal bedtime, 9:00.  You, however, had other plans!  You partied like a rock-star…we danced and played until just before the new year, at witch point, we all gathered round for the countdown and customary toast and kisses.  As your dad and I were giving you a double kiss on the cheek you told us that you were done for the night!  You had done what you were supposed to do for for the party and now you wanted to go home and sleep!  We had a great time…we even dressed you up to match daddy.  Look at the cute twinsies!!

Love Always,

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