You can communicate!

Dear Ronin,

Today you signed “milk” for the first time!  We have been showing you the sign since you were 4 months old.  At 5 months, you started verbally responding with what we lovingly call “the monkey sound”.  Now, at 5 days before your 7 month birthday you signed milk!  I thought you had been signing it while eating for about three weeks, but was not sure – then today, you looked at your hand, looked at me and opened and closed your hand.  When I gave you the sign back, you gave me monkey sounds.  This was one of the coolest Mom moments I have had.  You also know  “more” and “change”, but have yet to sign them. We are currently working on “all done”.  Ronin, you are so smart… you blow me away every single day.

Love Always,


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