On a jet plane

Dear Ronin,

ronin and the planeLast week, we travled down to California to visit Yvette and Ysabella.

This was your first time on an airplane – and despite our fears – you did extremely well. In fact, you slept the entire flight down. On the way back, you were fussy for a time, but not so much as any of the other children on board.

During our stay, we packed in a lot of events: the jellybelly factory, the museum of modern art, the pier, marine world (amusement park), and the exploratorium. Throughout it all, Y and y put up with out shenanigans.

Actually, one of the best parts was simply watching you interact with your cousin y. The two of you got along so well it was amazing – you played and wrestled as if you were old friends.

Below are a ton of photos from the trip. We were all a little sad to come home.

Your father,

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