Dear Ronin,
Recently you got really sick with a bad stomach bug.  You were throwing up every 45 min. and the rest of the time was spent sleeping.  This vomiting lasted 3 full days and you did not leave my arms.  It took you another week to recover from the rest of your symptoms and all-the-while we were concerned about you getting dehydrated. During this time I was so thankful that you are still nursing, I think it made your recovery so much faster and the whole experience a little easier because we could just snuggle all day.

About a week after you were feeling better we ventured to the new seasons down the street.  While in the produce department you projectile vomited all over me and the Brussels sprouts display.  You just laughed it off and I was stuck covered in vomit apologizing to the sweet clerk who had to clean it up.

I am so glad you are feeling better and I will always remember that moment in New Season grocery…

Love always,

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