Letters to our unborn daughter

Dear Ronin,

There is still a month and a half until we are scheduled to meet you. And even though you are not yet due to enter this world, we are excited – too excited to wait silently.

Your mother had the inspiration to create this, a place for us to write you letters.

Here, we plan to share our joy, hopes and more – not just with you – but with all of the family and friends that you will soon come to know. Each of them will touch your life. Possibly in ways that, as an adult, will be hard to remember or understand. In these early days, everything is bound to be hectic for all of us. We simply hope to collect as much as possible, so that you may know where you came from and better understand who you are.

Years from now you will read this – and it may seem strange – letters from your youth, from before your birth. Take from it what you may. Simply know that we love you.

Your father,




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