Your baby shower

Dear Ronin,

I wanted to take a moment and tell you about the family and friends that you are about to meet.

You already have the best circle of friends and family. They all love you to bits and you are still weeks away from making your big introduction.

This past Sunday, Gran Gran and Papa Nag hosted the most beautiful baby shower for all of us. The party was at your Papa Nag’s restaurant, The Stockpot, in the small banquet room. When your dad and I arrived, we were greeted by all of our friends and family in a room with the most amazing decorations. Gran Gran had hung all of my old favorite baby clothes around the room. These clothes were your first gift. I hope you like my favorite outfits, I can’t wait to take some photos of you in them. It will be fun to compare them with the photos of me as a baby.

The tables had receiving blankets on them as decorations with flowerpots in the middle. Best of all, there was a scrap-booking station in the corner for everyone to make a page in a book for you. People took pictures and created their own page to show you how much they love you. You will find out just how creative your family is, very shortly. We received so many handmade and generous gifts, and you got the cutest outfits. You will not go without clothes for at least the first six months of your life and you are going to look good!

Your Grammy and Grandpa Mike helped Gran Gran and Papa Nag with the party and gave you the crib you will be sleeping in shortly. Your Godparents Jessica and Brandon took care of all of the computer business at the party. They uploaded all of the pictures and printed them out for you and I. You are very lucky to have your geeky Godparents in your life. They are some of my longest and most trusted and loved friends. I am sure you are going to love them too!

We also had quite a few of our friends from the PCT come and celebrate the upcoming addition to our family. A little background … in 2005 your dad and I walked from Mexico to Canada, 2,663 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail and we met some of our dearest friends in the world. These wonderful people will be a big part of your life and the best people to go to for all of your outdoor adventure questions.

In addition to our long standing group of friends we also had quite a few new faces join in. I am sure that these new friendships will grow strong and you will get to know them right along with us. When we bought the house you will be coming home to, we moved next door to an amazing family that we have become very close with and whom with you will be spending endless summers in our back yard.

These are just a few examples of the wonderful family you are about to meet. I can not wait to hold you in my arms and introduce you to the best family in the world!

Love you already!


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