Dear Ronin,

The other day you got the hiccups for the first time. This was a very significant moment between you and me … all because of a story my mom told me.

Ever since I became pregnant with you, my mom (your Gran Gran) told me about the “joys” of a baby getting the hiccups. She told me that when I was in her belly, I would get the hiccups as she was trying to go to sleep. Evidently, this happened everyday, from seven months until I was born.

She had been asking me for the past few months if you had gotten them yet and I had to tell her no. Then one morning while your dad was making me breakfast (he makes the best breakfasts) I felt a thumping in my belly. It had a beat and after a few minutes I realized that you had the hiccups. I called your Dad into the room and he cuddled next to me with his hand and head on my belly for the next fifteen minutes until they stopped. I immediately called your Gran Gran and told her what had happened. She was so excited and told me that she hoped you got them like clockwork as I had, as payback for all of the missed hours of sleep (your Gram Gram is funny).

Well, I wanted to let you know that you are not as stubborn as I was and do not keep me up every night with your hiccups. You do however, get the hiccups fairly regularly and they most frequently happen in the morning as I am waking up. I find it to be a much nicer alarm then the buzzer on my phone. I truly enjoy feeling all of your little movements inside my tummy. This pregnancy with you has been the most amazing experience and you are growing so big, I am getting really excited to meet you.

Love you,

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