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Dear Ronin,

Welcome to our family. You arrived this morning at 8:40am, weighing 7lb 9oz.

I’ll save the complete story for another post.

Your father, Gabriel

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  1. Aunt Kiki says:

    Welcome Ronin from your GREAT great Aunt.

  2. Gram-Gram Nagmay says:

    This was the most wonderful day of my life. It has come full circle, it feels like yesterday I was having your mother and then today your mom gave birth to you. You are so beautiful and you make all of hearts sing. Granpa Nag and I are so in love with you. Your mom and dad were wonderful during your delivery. You would have been proud. I know I was. When you decided it was time you had no doubts about it, you were anxious to meet you parents and boy I wish you could have seen all the love in their eyes when they saw you. You have brought a lot of joy into our family and you have 4 very happy Grandparents that can’t wait to start spoiling you.
    Happy Birthday Ronin!
    Love to my darling

  3. Kate & Bren says:

    Welcome, Ronin! I’m very excited to be able to call you by a name now, since your parents refused to tell any of us excited friends what you were to be called! We had to go with “micro-nag,” which was hilarious, but I was doing everything I could to get one to spill the beans.

    I am so impatient to meet you, because I want to show you all about chickens and tire swings and forts and flowers and gardens and sewing and painting and cooking! I know I’ll probably have to wait for another 3 years before you’re really into all that stuff, but I will tell you so many stories until then. Until our first meeting, I will be thinking of you and your family and coming up with some yummy meals that I can bring over. Congratulations, Nagmays!!!

  4. Y and y says:

    Hello from your great Auntie Y. Ysabella and I can’t wait to see you on July 9th. We are coming to play with you and we are counting down the days. You have made us all so happy by coming into this world. You have made it a better place. You are so beautiful and perfect and we all love you already. Xoxo and hugs from Martinez California.

  5. Grammy Ruth Anne says:

    We will, too, welcome you in writing -little punkin…… after so much waiting and guessing when you would make your appearance, you did it in style!
    Happy birthday sweet one, welcome to the world and to this crazy growing family- who all love you very much.
    Love Grammy and Grandpa Mike

    ps- thanks for coming on a day that is easy for us all to remember…… welcome Ronin, solstice and FINALLY summer

    • Grammy Ruth Anne says:

      and again, ps:
      Although there have already been many sweet moments in your life, one of the very sweetest was watching your Papa Nag hold you for the first time. The excitement in his eyes and love he has for you is amazing……. did I tell you you are a very lucky girl?

  6. Georgi FireFly Heitman says:

    O.K. Time after almost two full years, to get in on this act. Grammy Ruth Anne, you may see tomorrow as the Summer Solstice and Ronin’s very famous birthday, but any hiker worth his/her salt also recognizes June 21 a a a s s s s (fanfare here, all trumpets blowing) HIKE NAKED DAY!!! It’s that also very famous day when true believers pray for a little shade and a nice pool of water to soak in at the end of the day. (It would appear Ronin lucked out on both those issues, and came buck naked into this world, a somewhat rare but very auspicious beginning, little girl). So, tomorrow is your very famous day number two. I hope it’s so happy, filled with wondrous things to see, touch, play on/in, taste, people to hug…yeah, all those things! And when the time is right, maybe you’ll one day take a hike on the other very famous day tomorrow, in your very famous birthday suit!
    I love you,
    Grammie Firefly See, I just made myself a member of your very famous family! (Grammies can pretty much do what they want, just ask your other ones.).

    • Georgi FireFly Heitman says:

      O.K., according to MY watch and calendar, it’s really 5:35 P.M. on June 20, 2013…and it’s Thursday. And I know I’m right! Friday isn’t until tomorrow, so there!

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