Backpacking – Day 2

Dear Ronin,

After a cold night, we woke up to clear skies.

Out of camp we passed the remnants of the old stone shelter and soon arrived at the open meadows of Paradise Park. There was no one else around, so we decided to set up camp under the split rock where we had views of both the mountain and the western horizon.

In a few short weeks, these meadows will be filled with wildflowers. For now there was only a smattering of glacier lilies, anemone and paintbrush. You had fun tickling us with the tufts of the anemone – which look exactly like tiny versions of the truffula trees from Dr. Suess’ the Lorax.

Most of the day was spent playing in the sun and snow, climbing on rocks and …

Later, we were treated to a beautiful sunset and night sky filled with stars.

Your father,

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