Three Sisters Wilderness – Day 4

Dear Ronin,

It was Wednesday, and my parents were driving down to meet us. I packed you up, and jogged down the steep spur trail back to Devils Lake. This is the trail that most climbers use to access the mountain and – even mid week –  we passed lots of people.

Once my parents showed up, we discussed options and decided to drive over to the Green Lakes trailhead, where we were already parked. That way, we wouldn’t need to worry about shuttling cars later.

You, your Grammy, Grandpa Mike, their two dogs (Indie and Mable) and I all headed up the Green Lakes trail. It is all uphill, but climbs more gradually then any of the other access trails in the area. It also passes dozens of waterfalls. Every time we passed one, you would sign “water” and squeal “Wa Wa”.

Your father,

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